Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Books I Read...

Moneyball - Lewis
Great Works - Kafka
Margin of Safety - Thanks to Koushik
Good to Great - Jim Collins
The Money Game - Smith
How to think like Benjamin Graham and .... - Cunningham
The little book that beats the market - Greenblatt
A Devils's Chaplain - Dawkins
A short history of financial euphoria - Galbraith
The Great Crash - Galbraith
The Rediscovered Benjamin Graham
Biography of Edward De Bono
Intelligent Investor - My Favourite :-)
NCFM Modules :-)

Lot of material from Tweedy Browne, Michael Mauboussin and others...


Anonymous ranjan said...

Hi Mayank,

Nice blog, liked the dalal street and me post a lot


2:27 AM  
Anonymous Hendrik Oude Nijhuis said...


I have read hundreds of books of value investing, and would highly recommand to read Greenblatt’s book The little book that beats the market. Besides of this, I would recommend to get knowledge on competitive advantages,

Success in investing,
Hendrik Oude Nijhuis

4:56 AM  

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