Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Investing as an obsession...

- Carlos Castaneda

Success isn't something you chase. It's something you have to put forth the effort for constantly. Then maybe it'll come when you least expect it. Most people don't understand that.
-- Michael Jordan

The one below summarises everything i believe in -

“Yeah. Well, of course, we get these questions from a lot of the enterprising young. And its a very intelligent question. You look at an old guy who’s rich and you say, “How can I become like you, except faster?” [Audience cracks up.] And my answer would be that I did it slowly - inch by inch - insight by insight - by grinding away, patiently accumulating, taking losses when they occurred, etc., and if you’re looking to do it with vast rapidity, you’re talking to the wrong man.
I know it works my way. And you’ve got to do something during the initial years anyway. You don’t want to just play tiddlywinks. So I say welcome to the pool of you want to come and spend each day trying to become a little wiser than when you were when you got up in the morning and keep reaching for responsibility and reaching for the ability to discharge your duties faithfully and well. That way, step by step, you get ahead.
But you don’t necessarily get ahead in nice, neat, little increments. The getting ahead comes in spurts. But you’re preparing for those spurts by discipline, day by day, over long periods.
And one of the things you have to learn is not to go crazy when you’re in the midst or on the top of a big spurt - because a lot of people do. You may not need Zsa Zsa Gabor or a Lamborghini or a whole lot of other things that you may think you’d like to have now.
But slugging it out and inch at a time, day after day, that’s my way.” - Munger

I keep away from the stock market gyrations of everyday by concentrating on other activities that i like for example books, my job and women. I firmly believe that in order to exploit other people's nature as conditioned by centuries of evolution I have to divest myself from many activities that any "player" in the stock market would be intensely involved in.

So, I have a few thumb rules that i follow on most occasions.

But, sometimes the situation calls for extreme opprtunism, and then one has to whip himself into focussed and purposeful action. The catch is "focussed" and "purposeful", something which is absent from day to day activities of most human beings.

More Later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women are something you enjoy ????????????????????????

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Anonymous Mansi said...

Hmmm..very interesting
will regularly visit your blog now

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please write more on this topic ?

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